Refurbished Nintendo Switch With Picofly Installation


Available on backorder


Sourced consoles are refurbished products and may be subject to visual defects such as wear and tear

This product comes with a Picofly modchip installed. The main intention for this installation is for quality of life features and NOT piracy or copyright circumvention, we will not assist in any way to questions regarding this.

A Small FAT32 formatted SD card will be provided (<4GB)

If you would like to send in your own switch to be modified please read our shipping FAQ located here. (This is the same process as ordering a 3DS with a capture card installed)

If you would like to calculate shipping to send it to us our postal code is DL1 1LP and we are located in the UK.

This is currently a backorder item and is made to order. You can find our estimate for your order to be dispatched on our homepage, this estimate is subject to change.

If you wish to contact us regarding any further questions please do so via Twitter or our email James@DelfinoCustoms.com

Sourced items are the console only. When sending in a console please only send the console and an SD card if you have one. No chargers or accessories are necessary. We will test send in consoles on arrival, please make sure your console is functional before sending it to us. If you would like a repair please contact us prior to sending to ensure we can accommodate =]Β Β 

No power supply will be provided with consoles sourced by us due to regional power differences.

Standard colours for sourced consoles are:
HAC-001 – Black:

HAC-001(01) – Black

Lite – Grey

OLED – Black

Special edition consoles will be available to buy as standalone or to use with this product in our Shop soon, please purchase both in the same order and leave a note at checkout stating you would like that console to be used.