ProGCC V3 – Switch Pro Controller To Gamecube


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Custom Pro GCC Selector
Please select your choice of custom parts when creating an order. If you want one of the options to be the original parts from a Pro Controller then please leave that section blank and select OEM above on the corresponding parts.
Please use the same email as you use when you order.
If you want an Original Shell please leave this section blank
If you want the Original Thumb sticks please leave this section blank
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This is a ProGCC Installed into a Pro Controller that comes with a USB-C Cable to GCC Cable

  • If you would like an Install into your own controller, please choose the “Send in your own option” and send us your Pro Controller for Installation via post.
  • Postage Details are provided in the Order Confirmation email, if you want to calculate shipping use the postal code DL1 1LP in the United Kingdom. 


  • Hall-sensing joysticks from Gulikit
  • Easy configuration with application
  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and Android
  • XInput support
  • 6-axis gyroscope/accelerometer
  • Dual rumble motors
  • Analog stick precision calibration
  • Customizable RGB LEDs
  • Adjustable snapback filter
  • USB-C connectivity
  • Easy firmware updates
  • Works with GameCube and N64 via USB-C passthrough cables.

*Compatibility with NES and SNES to be added via a software update after release.

  • Configuration app available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android (Chrome or Edge web browser required)
  • Customize each LED color independently
  • Adjust snapback settings
  • Test analog stick input


  • 1x Button board (white color)
  • 1x Main board (blue color)
  • 2x ribbon cables (one extra in case of damage)
  • 2x cell rumble motors (Pre-soldered)

Additional information

Base Controller

Provided by Delfino Customs, Send in my own

Original ProCon Board

Return my board, Keep my board


OEM Black, Custom


OEM, Custom


OEM, Custom

Tactile Shoulder Buttons

OEM, Tactile Shoulder Buttons