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ProGCC – Switch Pro Controller To Gamecube


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This is a ProGCC Installed into a Pro Controller that comes with a USB-C Cable to GCC Cable

As standard this is a Black Pro Controller Shell.

  • If you would like an Install into your own controller, please choose the “Send in your own option” and send us your Pro Controller for Installation in the post.
  • Postage Details are provided in the Order Confirmation email. 



  • Software adjustable snapback (no soldering required!)
  • Detachable USB-C to GameCube cable (Included).
    Supports rumble, Enabled by holding “+” and plugging in the USB cable simultaneously.
    Built-in snapback module. Please let us know what value you would like (User Guide has more info)
    Breakout pads to solder your own snapback module.
    Compatible with GameCube, Wii, and Nintendo Switch GameCube adapters.
    4 trigger modes to increase compatibility with GameCube games requiring analog triggers.
    Smash Ultimate Mode – Maps the L button to ‘D-Pad left’ which allows rebinding in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
    Switch between Nintendo and Xbox ‘ABXY’ layouts.
    Easily recalibrate sticks and adjust deadzone with built in macros (See user guide).

Included with Purchase:

  • Button board (white colour)
  • Main board (red colour)
  • 1x USB-C to GameCube controller cable (Compatible with other box-style controllers featuring USB-C to GameCube)
  • Installation of Pro GCC

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