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Thoughts on recent entry fee discourse is perhaps there’s a lack of community insight for the costs involved w/ major events

We’re currently looking for 1000+ cap venues for Regen 2024 and found that viable venues for a multi-day major can reach £100,000 for the venue hire ALONE

We are working with @Just_Lord_Set to provide the Switch Cooling Re-shell project to the UK and Europe at a more affordable shipping cost! You can pick one up here: https://delfinocustoms.com/product/nintendo-switch-cooling-re-shell/

I'll be selling my perfect condition Symphonic Green gamecube controller tomorrow to help cover Big House expenses. No yellowing. All but brand new. No signs of wear.

I'll be asking $500. Slightly higher than market price, but yellowed + visually used ones go for $400 easy and…

Symphonic Green Shell (8/10)
Phob V2
Lubed Triggers with brackets
Wii Classic Tactile Z

For Sale
Open to offer’s


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Refurbished Symphonic Green Phob GameCube Controller
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Refurbished Nintendo Switch With Picofly Installation (Budget) - Black Friday Exclusive
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Nintendo Switch Cooling Re-shell
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