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18:46 07 May 23
Great service, from them would 100% recommend them. Even with the huge amount of orders they had on their hands at the time. I still had my 3DS sorted and sent back not long after their estimated time. The work done on my 3DS was very well done and works flawlessly. Lastly would just like to point out how transparent they were about any delays etc. 5*
Donovan SimmonsDonovan Simmons
00:44 28 Apr 23
I brought a blue Nintendo 3DS XL refurbished from this company, and after using my system for a couple days, I’d say this was a fantastic investment! My 3DS took about 3.5 months to come, since I didn’t send in my own, but it was worth the wait. When streaming, there was a really bad lag, but for some reason, if I play a YouTube video in a different window while streaming my 3DS, the app streams with no lag. It’s weird, but as long as I can stream, I’m happy. Let this be a helpful tip for anyone who wants to stream using the old 3DS systems. Nevertheless, I definitely recommend this company to anyone who wants to stream their 3DS!! I’m having so much fun streaming on my PC!
Name: JackName: Jack
16:51 04 Aug 22
quickly delivered. arrived better than expected in stellar condition. great service for anybody who needs help with a capture card/3ds!
23:35 20 Jul 22
I ordered a New 3DS XL modded with a Capture Card from Delfino Customs. It took a while to arrive, but this is something that they have significantly improved upon since my order as far as I understand. The customer support and communication during this wait was exceptional, which makes it hard to complain about the wait. The questions I ask are often very odd ones, and they always took the effort to respond and communicate with me. The device arrived the exactly the expected condition (I purchased a 3DS that had quite some wear and tear on it as a budget model, the damage was made well aware to me beforehand. The quality of this does not reflect their work.) and the quality of the mod seems excellent to my eyes. The port added in the back doesn't move at all, and has not had any kind of connection issues. TL;DR, great service, excellent product, will continue to recommend to folks.Oh yeah, and the USB cables came with cute little cable ties. Super convenient!
Jasey GuuJasey Guu
21:18 20 Jul 22
Sent in my 3DS for a capture card installation, and they were very communicative with all my questions before and during the process. Before I even decided to purchase it, the communication was above everyone else I spoke to in the same field of work which had me sold on Delfino Customs instantly. Incredibly happy with the work they've done for my 3DS, and would highly recommend anyone to check them out! Thank you guys again so much once again!
00:32 30 Jun 22
I sent my New 3DS XL to have a capture card installed, and it works great! They returned it with a cable and everything! The only warning I would give is that if your shipping your 3DS from the states like me, be prepared to pay an extra $50 due to custom fees (no fault of the store of course, blame UPS.) Overall, I would recommend Delfino Customs if your looking for a 3DS capture card, and I'm really satisfied with their work!
Christopher VargasChristopher Vargas
16:00 27 Jun 22
The capture card works really well and still does. Communication with the seller was easy and always respectful. Would recommend people to pick this up if they ever need a capture card.
15:10 27 Jun 22
Sent my 3DS to get modded for my live streams. They were in contact with me and kept me updated throughout the entire process, and the product works great! My streams have gotten a huge boost since I can play 3DS games now. I highly recommend their services!
Eric BarkmanEric Barkman
14:54 27 Jun 22
Love the 3DS Capture Card I got from here! It's opened up so many options for my Twitch stream! I highly recommend them to anyone interested in 3DS capture cards, as well as the other services they offer!
Javier owoJavier owo
13:34 27 Jun 22
Very Smooth Experience, Worth the wait to receive a high quality Install. Very happy with my Modded 3ds! Complete with the very cute Sticker
Queen RowletQueen Rowlet
11:51 27 Jun 22
I ordered a discounted 3DS XL from them and was blown away at how attentive they were with their support! I was able to easily make my purchase after asking a few questions and it actually came pretty quickly as well! I would definitely buy from them again.