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Shipping Information / FAQ

Ordering an Installtion for a Capture Card

General info:

Customers will receive the shipping infomation once an order is placed, please include your DCXXXX number on the first line of the address or inside the package. Ensure the package is protected as any damage to the item on arrival is the responsibility of the sender.

Customers only need to send the console. A SD card can be sent (If the console is using CFW) however please backup valuable data before sending the console, this can be done with GodMode9

We recommend US buyers to send to us via USPS’s $26 option, please ask for this at your local post office. However please be aware that USPS can refuse to send Lithium battieres, if this occurs please just send the console without a battery.

When sending your console please value at appropriately as any customs fees incured due to the value of the console being too high is payable by the sender, please also be aware that this value is also the amount you are insured for. The value a customs fee will trigger at is around $110.


If a product is not visible on our site we are either sold out and not accepting backorders, or sold out and we do not have stock of it.

We currently do not provide Capture Cards to:
– DS
– DSi
– New 3DS
– 2DS
– New 2DS XL/LL

We no longer provide a CFW to make consoles region free.

We are currently still only a 1 person team with my wife helping out on her days off. We thank you for your patience as keeping up with this amazing reception is a huge undertaking. We would rather delay orders and it be right first time than rush them out without the proper quality assurance.