Refurbished 3DS Console with Capture Card Installation


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This product page is for a 3DS please be aware some games require a ‘New’ console to successfully operate

This is a backorder product as they are made exclusively to order.  Sourced consoles are refurbished products and may be subject to visual defects such as wear and tear

A good quality Mini USB Cable is required for Capture Card usage, we will include 2 cables:

x1 Mini USB to USB for the Capture Card

x1 3DS to USB for Charging

Console that are sourced on behalf of the customer are of the JP region. Futhermore, 3DS Consoles do not play out of region 3DS games or have the capacity on delivery to circumvent this, for example homebrew or locale emulation.

A sourced console is the property of the buyer when the order is placed and we are providing a service to find and purchase said console on the behalf of the customer.


We recommend selecting “Send in your own” and providing your own console for the modification if a Japanese Console is not suitable for you.

The Capture Cards used are provided by Optimize, these cards use the same software as the products distributed by Katsukity for more information from an unbiased source please see this video:

We have created an unofficial user guide to aid people with this product –

Please be aware that the estimated time of departure varies depending on current workload. On average we expect a 25-30 working day timeframe from purchase to dispatch.

Want more information on this product, localisation or any other information? Send us a message.


Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 21 × 18 × 11 cm

Any, Aqua Blue, Cerulean Blue, Cosmo Black, Ice White, Metallic Red, Rose Pink

Send in your own

Send in your own, Console provided by Delfino Customs

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